Sunday, December 11, 2005

a girls sleepover

There are moments, random moments when I realize how thankful I am to be in this season of life. Of course, there are plenty of times when the lack of stability, not having Mom and Dad to make all the hard decisions for you (and to pay all the bills), the moving every year, and stuff. But then, like tonight, I am just struck with how much I love being able to determine my own schedule, know my decisions won't really impact everyone else, and buying your own toilet paper. And now, ladies and gentleman, the explanation:
Tonight was a girls night. Darbee bought all of us tickets to the Nutcracker for a Christmas present. It's so thrilling to get gussied up, have a reason to curl my hair, and put lip liner on (and not have to stress about whether he's going to call you back later on in the week). Although we sat in front of the family that won the award for most disruptive in the history of ballet, it was beautiful. And then we went out for dessert/drinks for even more fabulous girl time. We went back to Darbee's for a slumber party and when I was getting ready for bed, it hit me (actually inspired by seeing a package of toilet paper in her bathroom) and my thought was "it's so great to be a grown up and buy your own toilet paper" which really is the Lynn thought-process equivalent of "it's so great to be a grown up and be able to throw a pair of pajama pants and a toothbrush in a bag....ok, and toothpaste, face wash, night moisturizer, contact solution and case, and glasses, and hang out with your favorite girlfriends by a fireplace (and watching Colin Firth on a large TV screen) and to just enjoy each other's company." My decisions impact me, and there isn't anyone who is going to be seriously impacted by the fact that I'm staying here at Darbees. For as much as the angst of life right now is hard, not knowing what is next, not settling down too much because you know your lease is up in July, etc... It is something to be living for yourself, not in a selfish way, but simply because you are only obligated to yourself and the time being. In our toast, Darbee toasted to "the family you choose" and that hit the nail on the head. Although I have been truly blessed by all of the family I didn't choose, God has brought amazing girlfriends into my life right now. There is something to be valued in this season of life, and I hope I can really drink it all up before it is time for the next season of life.


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