Sunday, November 20, 2005

And when you get the chance... you are the dancing queen!

I went to a party tonight with a good friend Sarah (fellow UScholar and 4th Hiller, we've said in touch since graduating). She is part of the Mennonite church in Seattle, so has group of friends from that community and it was one of their birthdays. I hadn't hung out with Sarah for a while, so I tagged along. Sarah and her fiancee were the only people I knew, but I was graced with an uncharacteristic streak of boldness, and was able to interact with strangers, and even get involved in the dance party that started in the middle of the house. I had a really fun time, (I think part of it was that I didn't know these people at all, and the chances of seeing them again were slim, so if they didn't like my dancing, it wouldn't impact me in the slightest). I ventured outside of my SPU bubble! Whew! So much fun just to dance. I got to have a really cool chat with a guy who came to Seattle for his year of voluntary service (something strongly encouraged in the Mennonite church) and he told me his year got delayed b/c of brain surgery which left him paralyzed. He's made a pretty significant recovery, but still hasn't fully recovered all of his left side. Since I knew phrases like "tone" and "PT" and such, we connected. I shared a bit about your recovery, Dad, and it meant a lot to be able to share that with someone who could really relate. He knew what it was like when lifting your arm was worth celebrating. It was an unexpected blessing.
Our International Dinner at SPU went very well. The time leading up to it was a NIGHTMARE (so many balls were dropped and a lot of last minute things) but in true MOSAIC fashion, everything pulled together. We didn't have as large as a showing as in past years, but with very little publicity and we were also competing with men's basketball, a women's activity night, and Hill Hall's progressive holiday event. I still got home by 9:00.
I'm planning on putting in a few hours at work over the weekend so I can take all of Wednesday off (it's a half day for Thanksgiving). I have giving up on our loosey-goosey storage system of all the MOSAIC party supplies, so I went to Target and purchased all sorts of beautiful bins and am going to organize everything. Ahhh, the joys of organizing on the company credit card.
Oh, and fabulous news! The play is definitely going to be video taped, so you will get to witness your darling daughter in her debut at Taproot.
And now, I am off to bed.
Lots and lots of love.


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