Thursday, November 10, 2005

Off to Chicago...

Hi Dad! Are they keeping you on your toes?
We are leaving for NCMSLC this afternoon. It doesn't feel like it's been a year since we had it here at SPU, but boy am I glad I get to sit in the bleachers this year. Heck, I'm happy I even get to sit down! We are taking 21 students and 3 staff, so it will be a big group, which makes it a lot more fun. I'm really hoping this weekend will give me some fresh motivation to really rediscover my passion for my work and what I have been investing in for the last few years. I also hope to use some of the time to work on grad applications and do some reading.

I am going to join the Van Wyks for Thanksgiving. I think the plan is to go to the Shevlands, so that will be fun. I promised Ellen a long time ago we would go see the new Pride and Prejudice movie (we are quite skeptical it would ever come close to my all time favorite movice, the BBC Version, but, I'm willing to withold judgement utnil we actually see it. I'm hoing we'll be able to find the time next week.

Well, that's it. I should get all the paperwork together before it's time. I don't think my cell phone will work, and internet access isn't guaranteed, so I'll defiantely call on Mom's cellwhen I get back on Sunday.


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