Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dad needs to practice reading....

So, Dad, I'm going to try to do daily updates so you have something fun to read.

Yesterday we got a note taped to our door that they need to "test" our windows for any leaks. Apparently there was a manufacturers defect in the windows, and the managers are hoping our windows fail to help prove a settlement. Either way, that meant last night we had to move all of our furniture at least two feet away from our windows. My roommate and I couldn't move my bed at all without blocking the doorway into my room. I'm hoping they don't mind.

I'm meeting with a coworker who works in the Career Development Office. She is going to look over my personal statement and writing sample from my Graduate School applications from before and help me revise them for sending them off to Goldsmiths. I'm hoping it will jump start me into being more focused on my applications.

Well, that's it. Love and kisses to Michigan!


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