Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A free evening, and a chance to breathe...

Sigh. In and out. I got to take Lukas (my bi-monthly 3 year old date) to the Greenbean last night. I think he thought he died and went to "big and cool kids" heaven. I bought him chocolate milk and we read books at a table and he got to meet Lisa and Hayden (the co-directors and baristas). Lisa wanted to shake his hand and after that he followed her around asking her why she was sweeping and putting chairs up on the tables. After they closed, I got to take him behind the counter, and showed him the espresso machine, the ice machine, all the syrups and flavors, and the cool-looking cash register (it's a computer). He was so wide-eyed I thought he would pass out. He didn't want to leave and talked all the way back to my apartment about "the coffee shop." I told Anneke and Brett if he wants to be a barista when he grows up, it' s my fault. As long as he stays away from Scooters (cold shivers). His t-shirt had a picture of a barrel of monkeys on it with the words "More fun than a...." (get it?). I think my favorite moment was when he walked up to a serious man reading a book and pointed to his tummy and said "I got monkeys on my shirt." Ahhh, to be young and blatantly proud of your t-shirt attire (now, we can only be subtly proud of our clever t-shirts).

MOSAIC has it's annual International Dinner on Friday night. It's somewhat last minute b/c the leadership and advisors have been at NCMSLC. And the students who stay behind "forgot" to post the posters. We'll see if anyone shows up. Hey, more Phad Thai for me, right?

Well, Heather is really sick, so I'm going to go run to Safeway and buy her cough drops.

Love you much, Mom and Dad!


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