Sunday, November 27, 2005

working hard... or hardly working

What a fabulous four day weekend! This is the first time I really felt I had tons of time to do everything I wanted to do. Of course, I didn't do everything I wanted to, but I could have, if I wanted to. That is why I am working on my grad school statement of purpose right now, or, taking a break from working on it and doing a post instead. Heather and I are hard at work in our apartment (which is suprisingly NOT freezing) listening to Jack Johnson. A nice way to end the holiday weekend.

Thanksgiving was a great day of thanks with the Van Wyks. Good food, and good company. I always love spending time with that family and their friends the Shevlands. They always have fun and intelligent conversation, and I love spending time with adults. It is nice break from always spending time with 20-somethings, we tend to lose perspective sometimes, it's good to be reminded there is life after 26. And, they all really like me, so I always leave feeling really good about myself. Who wouldn't want to spend time with people like that?

I've done all sorts of things, from helping Jen decorate her classroom for Christmas, to playing Pit with friends at the Greenbean. I've worked on my grad app (and getting SO excited about the prospect of a new adventure) and went and saw Pride and Prejudice, which was very very good if you are able to separate it from the greatest movie of all times, the BBC version. I'm working on a few knitting projects, some for me, some for Christmas gifts, and have almost all my Christmas shopping done! I just need to get Mom's, I think I'll do that right now.... (be right back!).... there, that's taken care of. Hee.

And that's about it. I will sign off with the top five things I'm thankful for at this moment (in no particular order): Trader Joe's Truffles, laughing with friends until my tummy hurts, phone calls from mom and dad, beautiful yarn on sale, and people I love so much it makes me cry.


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