Monday, December 05, 2005

I'm taking an informal poll....

Would you judge me horribly if I bought the new perfume by J.Lo? I was shopping this weekend at Alderwood and they were forcing scented pieces of cardboard on us (someone actually chased us down to hand it to us), but I liked it, the fragrance, not the saleswoman accosting us. It’s called “Live,” which I can’t decide which definition it is: “live” as in, you live the fast life when you wear fragrance endorsed by J.Lo. Or is it “live” like, it smells just like the excitement you feel to see J.Lo perform live on MTV. Either one would work. It’s kind of fruity, in a good way. It would just be for special occasions, like unveilings of blueprints of excellence, arches, and the such. Could I live down the shame of actually owning a J.Lo product? But, because I’m a nerd (and had nothing better to do at work), I did some Google searching to see how much it would cost, and I found a website where it said “$0.00” for a 1.7 bottle. I thought it was a typo, but when I went to the shopping cart, it totally didn’t charge me anything, so I only paid $5 in shipping. Is that wrong? To take advantage of a poor lackey’s mistake. Or maybe, J.Lo was really speaking the truth when she sang “My Live don’t cost a thing.” (but then of course, you simply stare at a word too long (because you are trying to think of clever context sentences and the word looks like gibberish and you are certain it’s all wrong, but there isn’t a red squiggly line (which is the ultimate authority on all things spelling and the sole reason I will never do well on the essay questions on the GRE) so you have to trust the computer rather than your spelling instincts that you never really trusted in the first place. Anyways, you’ll have to smell me sometime when I’m wearing it and let me know.


Anonymous Rebecca Taylor said...

I was wondering what that fabulous smell was! everytime i read one of your emails i am bombarded by this incredible

6:11 PM  
Blogger U of Jon said...

Wear it in peace.

9:30 PM  

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