Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Big Ben does exist....

It's true, not just a rumor. I finally got to see the city. Up until last week, I had seemed to miss out on all the "city" excursions that my friends had done (doing silly things like going to Paris and Edinburgh), so when my token London friend (thats what I call him, because he's the only person I know who is from London) heard that I had not really seen most of the city (just the Tate Modern 5 times, and I don't even like modern art) we at once struck out on a walking tour of the city. It was at night, which I think is the best way to see London, because they light up everything they want you to see, and there aren't tons of crazy tourists around taking pictures, just a few crazy tourists. And it just happened to be the mildest night we've had all month, so I wasn't even freezing. We walked to Buckingham Palace (but no fuzzy headed guards to try break their concentration with) and then to Big Ben and Houses of Parliment. Crossed over the river to see the London Eye (which is HUGE!) and then back down the river 'til we found a tube station. As I was standing on the bridge, looking out over all the lit up buildings, I had another "Oh my goodness, I'm in London." I think because I'm in such a random neighborhood, and my program and group of friends are so international, I kinda forget I'm in one of the biggest cities in the world, in the UK. In Seattle and Menlo Park, you don't really get a feel for any kind of history or legacy, but walking around buildings that have been around for hundreds of years really gives you a feeling that you are a guest in a much grander picture. I felt very small, and yet very honoured to be able to walk past places where stories of fiction and history alike find their roots. Very, very cool.


Blogger The Tim said...

That's a cool way to look at things. It makes me a little sad about what we're missing out on here in the young city of Seattle. Thanks for sharing!

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