Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I've got a roommate now....

well, actually, it's a hippo, from IKEA (does that make him a Swedish-Brit?). His name is Tottenham Crimefighter. Tottenham because that was the name of the Tube station IKEA was at, Crimefighter because that is the middle name Penn Gillette from Penn and Teller gave his daughter, and my friends agreed it's a pretty cool middle name. We call him Tot for short (as in tater tot, because we also agree that tater tots are very cool also, and so much better than potato croquettes). He's actually a pretty good bedfellow, he's cuddly (which is a must) and he doesn't snore. He does hog the sheets once in a while, but b/c his legs are so stubby, I can just yank them back again. And I must say he is living up to his name, my room has been crime free since he arrived. Here is a picture of him:

I know he looks a tad menacing, but that is just because he's got his Crimefighter face on. And he couldn't have come sooner, it is supposed to be 2 degrees Celsius tonight, which in Fahrenheit converts to VERY COLD!


Blogger The Tim said...

It's actually dropped into the 20's (F) here the last few nights! Brr!

12:33 PM  

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