Friday, November 10, 2006

Aye Lassie....

It was Reading Week at Goldsmiths this week, which means we have no classes and we are supposed to catch up on our reading and start working on our assessment essays. I translated it as GET OUT OF LONDON. So I hopped on a train (woo! trains!) and went up to Edinburgh to visit summer coworker and good friend Lindy. She is studying there for a year (right, Lindy? A FULL YEAR!) and she let me sleep in her room and follow her around. It was fabulous being with someone familiar, who can make me laugh nonstop, could quote Kronks New Groove with me, and has a beautifully shaped head. We climbed some crags, I slept in, and we had a little party after checking and saw news of Rumsfeld and the Democrat take-over (oh yeah!). While Lindy was in classes I wandered around Edinburgh. Of the little bit I saw, I have a new city crush. The architecture, the crags, the plaid....It almost reminds me of if London and Seattle had a baby. The Scots believe in customer service (which was a refreshing change from London, and vital considering I couldn't understand a word that came out of their mouths). Enjoy the complete picture experience on Flickr (you can sort of get a feel for my new hair cut, but keep in mind, I had perpetual hat-head to keep my ears from freezing off). And for the record, this was the first post I spelled everything correctly the first time. Grad school is rubbing off on me!


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