Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The best holiday EVER!

Ok, so I know that the whole "declaring our independence from the oppressive British Empire" is pretty high up there as holidays go, but over the weekend, we celebrated Guy Fawkes day which celebrates the thwarting of an evil plan to blow up Parliment with gunpowder in the 1600s. And what better celebrate something not getting blown up, but with fireworks! Which are legal in the UK (as Lindy says, "God save the Queen")! The holiday itself is actually more commonly known as Fireworks Day, which I think indicates the real purpose of the day now. I was lucky enough to be hanging out with three cool kids as their parents were visiting Brussels for the weekend (family from MPPC that moved here 2 months ago). Their flat is on the seventh floor which has a 180 degree view of the city, translation: fireworks galore! Ever time I heard popping nearby, I'd rush to a window, and work my way through all the rooms until I found a good view. After the second time, the kids lost interest until just a few blocks down, the neighborhood bonfire started their show, and boy howdy, it was amazing! Jack and I crouched around a window as we saw fireworks right infront of us. For the rest of the night, whenever I glanced out a window, I could see fireworks in at least three different locations. Did I mention I LOVE fireworks. If they weren't so rediculously bad for the environment, the states should do them much more often. God bless chemistry.


Blogger Abelard in Espanola said...

Isn't it though? I miss it terribly. When you get back stateside, we should start a movement to bring it here.

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