Friday, October 06, 2006

the wonder's of facebook

what I didn't tell you was that Lindy, a gal I worked with over the summer, is studying in Scotland all year and came down this weekend. We had a bit of fun as these pictures (gathered from Lindy's facebook album) will testify.

we got caught in the rain... all day. seriously, I've seen more downpours in the two weeks I've been in London than I saw in seven years in Seattle. (In the pic is Kacie, who I actually used to babysit before she got all tall and beautiful. Turns out, she is in London for the semester)
see how shocked I am that a pirate hit on me? actually, he hit on me a time before this weekend, but I'm still shocked by the memory of it.
This one was for the Wall O' Day Camp Tshirts from Around the World. Lindy and I figured an action shot was worth extra points.
(And I got a couple of my first, "Americans are ridiculous" glares)

this is right before I practically fell over (and got more of those glares previously mentioned)

so far the best mocha I've found in London is Harrods. Apparently the sell puppies and washing machines, and boats and stuff, but I'm coming back for the mocha.

See all the fun you will have if you come visit me? (Day Camp tshirt not included)


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