Friday, October 06, 2006

Bad Blogger!

To All:
I am so sorry I have been scant in my updates. My excuses are plentiful, and a few have merit. However the combination of food poisoning, no wireless signal from my bedroom, and classes beginning all have contributed to very little reflective time on the computer. And now that my stomach has recovered, and I am thoroughly overwhelmed with the amount of reading I need to do, I am off to gallivant around Paris for the next four days with my favorite neighbor from Menlo Park and her 1st grade daughter. Look for updates of the last week and the Paris adventure next week.
And to tide you over, a list....
1. the number of pirates that hit on me (yarg, London is weird)
2. the number of times people asked me for directions while I was wandering around Central London. I think it's the scarf that makes me look like I belong.
3. the number of times I've been to the Tate Modern (the modern art museum) and I don't even like modern art.
4. the number of keys that are different on the British keyboard.
5. the number of classes I attended this week (but dropping one)
6. the number of tube rides I've ridden all by myself!

and that's it. More to come!


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