Friday, September 29, 2006

A rumbly in my tumbly....

Every once in a while, I stop and notice I've got crazy butterflies in my stomach. Kind of this electricity and it's hard to stay still. Unfortunately, my room isn't too big for pacing, so I start bouncing off the walls. I look back to earlier in the day. Any caffeine? Unfortunately, no. Anything I am particularly nervous about? No, classes do not even start until Thursday. And then I realize, I am just so excited, about everything. I literally get a buzz just in anticipation thinking about how much is before me. I think this particular one came from me and my flatmate's discussion about some of our goals for this quarter. We were talking about how difficult it was to stay on top of grocery shopping and cooking when it is just for you. We decided once we had our schedules, we were going to pick two nights a week that we'd cook together. And that got me happy. At times, I get caught up in the "shoulds," I should know more people, I should have plans for tonight, I should go out and explore... and then (as my sister so appropriately reminded me) I have been here a week, and I've got 54 more of them to go, and then I smile, and I can't stop. I have no idea what to expect in the months to come, the people I'll meet, the places I'll go, the books I'll read, the conversations I'll have. I still feel like I'm falling off a cliff and the clouds are whizzing by and I'm not sure where I am going to land. No wonder people go parachuting.

And now, some fun pictures of the new people in my life......

my flatmate Molly (from Boston), Allison (from Canada), and Heather (from Reno)

at the Deptford Market.

my flatmates, Molly, Yumiko (from Japan) , Chao (from Taiwan), and Boat (from Hong Kong) enjoying peppermint tea and about to start watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" on my laptop perched on the fridge (the kitchen is the only room big enough to hold all of us).


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