Saturday, August 11, 2007

This is why I came back.

Last night Jen and I went to Heather and Darbee's to hang out. No agenda, nothing specific in mind - just to hang out. Darbee wasn't there initially, and for a while, we just stared at each other (well, Heather and Jen stared at each other, I brought my knitting). Soon we were watching What Not To Wear, adding our own commentary. And then Darbee came home, and as Ben the Intern would say, hilarity ensued. For the next 45 minutes, it was non-stop laughter. I can't even remember most of what was so funny, but what I do remember was the pure joy of being in the same room with these three girls. As Jen and I were walking back to her car, I found myself thinking "This is why I came back."
Not that I have exactly questioned my choice, I know Seattle is the only place I wanted to come back to - but having no job, no car, buying basics again like pillowcases - it makes me wonder why I left in the first place. But after last night, it was a reminder of what the deepest parts of my soul were longing for during those long months in London - fellowship with these girls who know me and get me and can make me laugh so hard the empty space where my appendix used to be hurt. (On a side note, my bestest buddy Lucas, who I used to babysit before leaving Seattle, struggled so hard to understand why I had to get something taken out of me that didn't do anything in the first place, but he does love seeing my scar, and encourages me to show it to others at every opportunity)
In other updateish news, the transition has been rather smooth - albeit a transition. Jen has said multiple times "Next time I move, I'm getting my appendix out." Although there is a bit of a perk of having others be obligated to lift things for you, it really isn't all it's cracked up to be. My "unpacking" consists of removing things from a box, and then waiting around for Jen to come home so she can either (1) move another box from the area I want to put the aforementioned things or (2) move the box I just unpacked so I can get to the next box. And for an organizational freak like me, it's pure torture to have a bunch of heavy bins and boxes mocking me from their stacked positions in the corners of my room. I am one small step away from pulling out my label-maker and sticking "I will be moved into the closet" labels on everything.
And Happy Birthday to me! I awoke to freshly baked scones from Jen and a package of goodies mailed just in time by mom. Jen and I will be going blackberry picking in an hour or so (hooray for summer Seattle sun!). To celebrate, me and friends will be going to our traditional birthday celebration dessert place, B&O Espresso. I'm just happy to be another step further away from the dreaded "early 20's." Anyone object if my 26th Birthday Wish is for an uneventful 27th year? More to come.


Blogger traCe&beCcA said...

i love you, dear Lynn! Happy Birthday to you indeed. And niCe work "moving without lifting". perfecT. where are you living, exactly?

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