Saturday, July 21, 2007

Meh, I didn't really want it anyway....

God is good, and although as I am typing this I've got five staples in my lower abdomen, I look at the last week and I am constantly thankful for the VERY apparent ways God gave people around me divine wisdom and intuition.

It all started with me getting a FULL DAY off of work (which is a huge deal, considering we are in week two of Day Camp). Apparently I am more expendable then I thought (to be confirmed later). I decided to be a good big sister and drive out to Manteca to help with the moving of furniture and redistribution of goods. Started feeling iffy on the way over (blamed it on coffee on a nearly empty stomach) and when I arrived, I had to immediately lie down. Fast forward to what I thought was the worst case of stomach flu ever in existence. There were two luckilies in this case. Luckily #1, Karen and Stephen had been offered the house of one of their pastor's and their family who were out on vacation. Their apartment wasn't ready when it should have been, so what started as a place for Karen and Stephen to stay turned into a place for Lynn to lie on the couch all day (and frequent visits to the very tastefully decorated bathroom, ahem). Luckily #2, there was an all day marathon of Law and Order on TNT.
By the next afternoon, I was stable enough to make the hour and a half drive home (probably one of my least favourite drives EVER) but by the evening, the pain from the 24 hour cramping was still there. Mom had the smartness to recognize that was unusual and called Super Doctor (also known as Uncle Ken) who made me poke my stomach and stand on my tip toes and drop suddenly to my heels. After confirming that yes, that indeed did hurt, A LOT, he recommended an immediate trip to the ER and get checked out for appendicitis. By 8:15 PM I was checking into the ER at Stanford and although we got a few eye rolls when I said "my uncle whose a dr said I should come in and get checked out" I was soon admitted into a bed...... in the hallway (it was a busy night). For the next six hours, I was dubbed "19 Hall." Surprisingly, I was able to fall asleep. Not surprisingly, one of the nurses recognized mom's Day Camp sweatshirt and they were soon chatting about MPPC (seriously, they are EVERYWHERE!). Fastforward two IV drips and a CAT scan later and the doctor walked up to my bed and said "Yep, it's what we thought, probably early appendicitis. We've called the surgeon on-call and they'll be over to talk to you." And walked away. Who in the what now?
And at this moment, I would like to review all that I am thankful for. First, that I was baby enough to whine about the pain instead of trying to cowboy up. Two, that mom had the wisdom to call Uncle Ken. Three, that Uncle Ken had the wisdom to interpret over the phone what was going on and to tell me what to do. Four, that we listened (even though Miss Lynn doesn't have health, you do the math). And Five, that Uncle Ken mentioned appendicitis right off the bat or else that news would have FREAKED me out.
There was an awful lot going through my head that long evening-early morning. First, that this was NOTHING like Grey's Anatomy, because my bed was right in between a supply closet and the staff break room and there was NO funny business going on in either place. Second, it is interesting the psychology of what an ER can do to you. At first, you kinda wish that there is something seriously wrong. Because I would have felt really really stupid if we had gone through all of this rigamarole for some residual stomach flu pains. Especially since the pain was decreasing throughout the night, but localizing in one spot (bottom right, which for all you non- med students is the indicator of appendicitis). And then, after sitting in the hallway for hours upon hours, just waiting, the severity of what appendicitis entails hits you and by the time you're getting buzzed through a CAT scan machine you want to shout out "I'm fine now! Really! That long wait in the ER cured me!" No such luck.
I won't continue on with details, because frankly, I was bored out of my mind so even I don't want to type it, let alone make someone read it. So, let me sum up: Successful surgery around 1:00 in the afternoon on Thursday. Freaked out in post-op recovery (you wake up with bright lights, rushing scrubs, intense side pain and an oxygen mask on, its a bit scary). It was confirmed, I did have (very) early appendicitis. Was discharged by Friday morning. I charmed the nurses and doctors with my big fat hippo, Tot. My biggest success is that I was able to do without vicotin after leaving the hospital and had my last extra strength Tylenol this morning. I'm still extremely sore (feels like a running cramp), but I'm doing ok. And now you are caught up. As you can see, there were many points in this story where things could have gone dastardly wrong (the one I like to focus on is how glad I am that I was not in London at the time). I'd love some prayers for speedy recovery and wisdom about appropriate time to move to Seattle. I'm not allowed to lift anything over ten pounds for six weeks. So, that Watermelon Throwing Contest is out.


Blogger sarahmarie said...

darn, i was hoping to challenge you to that watermelon throwing contest--guess we'll have to wait until next year?? I am so sorry to hear you were in the hospital this week but I am so glad you are going to be ok and you are on the mend. And hey, who doesn't need an excuse to watch TV in the middle of the day?? (Enjoy that for me, I still have 5 more weeks of TV for Sarah...)

10:46 PM  
Blogger MeginDC said...

Oh No! I am glad you are okay. It reminded me a bit of going to the ER with you in Indy although I am very glad you are in a much better place for recovery than you would have been in our dorm room and that I am sure the hospital, even if it was a hallway, was nicer than what we experienced at IUPUI.

Take some time to read some books and catch up on mindless daytime TV. Keep me posted on what you are doing!

6:27 AM  
Blogger traCe&beCcA said...

sinCe when do you throw watermelons? Maybe they'd let you throw oranges? they're not usually over 10 pounds. My brother, sister, and father have all been de-apendicized...I worry my day is coming. if it does, at least I know it makes a great topic for a bLog entry. : ) love you, dear!

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aww, mate. Sorry to hear the news about the little op. Glad all was well in the end. But, as ever, you used your time wisely!
Catherine has some news, do you know?
Love Fi xxx

12:20 AM  

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