Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shall we stroll?

Over a year ago, I pulled a bunch of pictures of me and Karen growing up for a project that never came to fruition. And now as I'm packing up for Seattle (yay) I ran across the envelope of pictures that never made it back into albums (shhhh, don't tell Mom). Before I put them all back (easily done thanks to my handy dandy post-it filing system), I decided to scan them, just in case I did ever attempt my mysterious project. While going through them, I was struck with three major things: 1.) Karen and I were freakin' cuties growing up. 2.) There are many people who loved us very much that are no longer with us. and 3.) Looking at these pictures, there is no doubt that we were very very loved and very happy kiddo-roos. It makes me extremely thankful, especially as the "what next" is so unknown....maybe if I found Karen's Rainbow Bright costume. So I thought I'd share a few of my favourites......

I love this one because of Karen's expression and because of the footie PJs.

Mommy made us coordinating outfits. It is a trend in most of our childhood pictures.
This fireplace was our stage for many performances.

Our Halloween costumes always won first prize. I was Pippi Longstocking that year.

And those roller skates rocked the cul-de-sac.

I thought this one was appropriate considering recent events. That career dream didn't last long when I found out the stethoscopes weren't really bright orange, blue, and red.

See, I toldya. Freakin' cuties.


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