Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What does Lynn do when she has limited mobility?

The same thing she does when she has unlimited mobility! KNIT! Many hours alone in London was enough to ignite the knitting bug and knitting is about as high impact as I could manage this week. I actually had enough foresight to bring a knitting project with me to the ER, knowing it would be a bit of a wait, but they got confiscated by security at the door. Because..... why? Mom eventually snuck them in (that woman knows her way around Stanford hospital) but they were too clever for us and stuck an IV into my once again, thwarted! But back at home, I was free to knit to my heart's content (and mom's chagrin, because I left my yarn and stuff all over the couch. hey, i'm not supposed to lift anything!) Luckily, I got an email through a knitting network that an artist is asking for knit flowers and birds for an art installation in the fall. Since I had some scrap yarn and (ahem) spare time, I offered my services. I never have considered myself much of a creative person (one appealing thing about knitting is that there is a pattern and precise instructions). But I have loved using a basic flower pattern and experimenting with different yarns, textures, and stuff. I'm way proud of what I came up with, and since this is my blog, I'm posting pictures so you can ooooh and aaahhh with me. Oh, and I'm recuperating well.... totally off pain meds and (fingers crossed) the staples come out Thursday so I can't mope about my frankentummy anymore.

the pattern was for a rose

I call this one... "tulip"


Blogger jon&kate said...

um...why haven't you knitted blaisey a fabulous blanket? since he's your favorite baby-almost-big-boy and all...just wondering. :)

2:20 PM  

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