Sunday, October 15, 2006

I found a church!

A big thank you to all who have been praying for this request. These past few weeks, I have really been hoping that I could find a church, that would be close by but diverse in its congregation, that could be a good source of community for me. And today, I found it. It was actually recommended to me by someone from another church I visited two weeks ago, but City Hope I think will become my new church home. It has about 200 members, and meets close to a tube stop just minutes away. As soon as I walked in the door, someone from the welcome committee introduced herself and then introduced me to to two girls my age, who asked me to sit with them. We chatted after the service during "tea and coffee" (one is a 1st grade teacher, another a nurse at a pediatrician's office) and asked for me email so they could invite me to a dinner sometime soon (they also had an extra plane ticket to go to Prague for this next weekend that they invited me too). Then, the woman who caught me first introduced me to the woman who hosts the small group in New Cross, and I was invited to their small group this Thursday for a game night (about a 5 minute walk away from my flat). Then, I was invited to another small group's lunch gathering, so with another new girl showed up and enjoyed baked potatoes with about three families. They apologized for all the noise and Lego's about, but I was just happy to flirt with the baby. I was dropped off at my flat just a few minutes ago, content from being in a house, interacting with adults, and being in a community of faith. As I was walking to the library to write this, I realized I was thrilled to have an identity outside of the university! I exist beyond the campus boundaries. I am really excited and hopeful to see how God will use this church in my life this year. Oh, and my most favorite moment (beside the baby flirting back at me) was when one of the boys, probably about 10 sat down next to me and said "So you're from American then, have you been to a real basketball game?"


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