Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Remain Seated Please - Restez Assis S'il Vous Plait

There is a touch of familiarity I experienced on the Paris Metro, and it’s not from riding it before on my “educational” 8th grade trip. I was thrust into the person next to me when it hit me: Space Mountain! The roaring of the cars, the sudden jerks and turns, flickering lights, strange shapes and colors rushing around you. Once in a while you get glimpses of another car between columns, or one rushes right past your window, making you flinch. The ubiquitous voice reminds you to stay clear of the doors. But apparently, the similarities end when you try to throw your arms up and yell out when you glimpse the flying chocolate chip cookie. If you try it here, they look at you funny. Oh, if only I could buy the world a ticket to EuroDisney.


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