Monday, February 05, 2007

No more playing in the chicken coop for me....

Last Thursday, Molly and I were talking about how disconnected we feel to American news, and news in general. We were discussing the difference of "media hype" that we've noticed here in London, and ended up laughing about how huge the Bird Flu was in the states throughout last year, and yet we hadn't heard it mentioned once here in London. The very next day, in my seminar, my lecturer started coughing violently and said "Pardon, I've seem to have caught a nasty cold, either that or it's the bird flu." I slowly shifted my chair away from him.
I eagerly awaited Molly's homecoming that night, to tell her of our powers of foreshadowing but alas, she could do me one better. She had heard on the BBC that evening that Friday morning over 1,000 turkeys had mysteriously dropped dead in SouthEast of Britain, and after a quick web search, we discovered that indeed, it was due to the deadly "humans might catch it if they play with poultry" strain of avian flu. We quietly considered each other, not sure how much of this turkey tragedy we should feel responsible for. The American frenzied reaction bubbled up inside of me, and for a minute, I regretted having chicken the night before. Finally, I looked at her and said "You know what I never hear talked about in the media over here in the UK? About how I would get a million dollars randomly in the mail....."


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