Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I know all of you from Seattle will respond "...and what else is new?" but this is my first snow of the season! and probably my last. Snow rarely comes to London, and it doesn't really ever stick. I slept in too late to see any of the snow fall, but there was a lovely dusting on rooftops and hedges this morning. And I finally pulled out my sweaters, because it is a long cold walk to the library, let me tell you. And I was finally motivated to drag my chair out of my room and down the stairs so I could reach the high stairwell window that has been open all term that makes the hallway freezing and squeeks really obnoxiously on windy days. Because: cold outside + open window = cold inside. And just like Seattle, the city of London has grinded to a halt. Most of the tube lines have severe delays, the line closest to my flat has been shut down completely. Buses are late, trains delayed and shut down, traffic is horrendous. Ahhhhh... just like home.


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